Bova Furniture Is a high end furniture store where the world most elite, modern, elegant and quality meet. Established in 1980 our first store was this store in Addison, Texas and we are proud and thankful to have served the Dallas area for 40+ years! Bova Furniture has been featuring the best furniture from around the world at a great price! 

Why choose Bova? Bova Furniture has great customer service along with great prices let us help you get beautiful furniture at prices you would love to see, here at Bova we understand the competition and we will make you a great deal with white glove delivery and all!

At Bova we serve our community and will make you at home come to your Dallas located Bova furniture to get a glance of the world finest furniture. We also follow up with our customers and love to hear your experience with us and we are open to suggestions on how to improve so please let us know so we can make your experience better because here at Bova we care.


(972) 716-9600

4490 Alpha Rd #300, Dallas, TX 75244, USA

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