Bracci Trendy Sectional

Bracci Trendy Sectional

Trendy is austere and elegant with a minimalist look that sits perfectly in a modern environment but also adapts to spaces with the right mix of classic and contemporary design.


BRACCI is a luxury leather collection that is built in a state of the art Factory, located in southern Italy, that  specializes in the manufacturing of high-end contemporary and modern leather sofas. The process starts with new and trend setting designs from top Italian designers, then the designs are brought to life by highly skilled artisans, who have learned their craft from past generations. This combination of high tech building methods and materials with old world craftsmanship allows Bracci to proudly offer an exclusive 100% “MADE ITALY” product, brought to North America at value prices.

Bracci luxury Italian sofas are made only with selected eco-friendly hides tanned in Italy from European and South America origin. The thickness of the leather collection goes from 1.2mm to 2.0mm,  and also the tailoring is done with a thick stitch called ” Tuscany stitch”. All leathers are cut by hand with traditional techniques, which cannot be replaced by even the most modern technology.
The foam is a super-soft eco-friendly open cell polyurethane foam with 3.5 density, high resilient elastic webbing, and solid wood frames that are assembled using dowels and double corner blocks.


Bracci Leather Covering

Bracci’s leather collections are 100% tanned in Italy. Raw hides and skins are only 1st choise genuine top grain cowhides from European and South America origin.  As a result you may see scratches, insect bites and scarring. These are not defects, but in fact confirm the top grain hides are very high quality.
Different categories and a wide range of colors are able to answer to different needs of the North America market.

Bracci Production Process

Is done 100% by hand by Italian master craftsmen with decades of experience, which makes each piece unique. All products are subject to a rigorous quality control in all the production phases to make sure that each piece meets the parameters of Bracci’s high quality standards.  The packing and shipment of Bracci products is organized and directed only by professional and trained personnel.

Bracci Warranty 

All Bracci sofas, sectionals and armchairs come with a 5 year warranty on the frame and 3 years on leather and fillings. The enclosed pdf Bracci booklet is attached to each set, which explains in details Bracci’s warranty, care guide and cleaning instructions.

Technical Description

  • THICK STITCH: Available
  • STRUCTURE: Hardwood frame with metal insert for extra strength
  • SEAT/BACK SUSPENSION: Reinforced elastic webbing
  • SEAT/BACK CUSHIONS: Ecologic open cell polyurethane foam, memory foam, covered with a layer of dacron wadding
  • BACK AND ARM CUSHIONS: Ecologic polyurethane foam covered with a layer of polyester
  • REMOVABILITY: Seat cushions
  • FOOT OPTION # 1: Stainless steel feet
  • FOOT OPTION # 2: Metal feet bronze finish

Stocked In:


Cover: Maya 7312 tortora with thick matching stitch

Leg: Bronze finish

Leather Colors

Cat. 25-

- Mellow 1850 Glacier

- Mellow 1851 Cherry

- Mellow 1852 Ocean

- Mellow 1853 Lemon

- Mellow 1854 Lead

- Mellow 1855 Aubergine

- Mellow 1856 Carmel

- Mellow 1857 Butter

- Mellow 1858 Fog

- Mellow 1859 Mushroom

- Mellow 1860 Snow

Cat. 30-

- Leather Suede 11 Cream

- Leather Suede 12 Tortora 

- Leather Suede 14 Chocolate

- Leather Suede 15 Light Grey

- Leather Suede 16 Sand

- Leather Suede 19 Blue

- Leather Suede 22 Brown

- Leather Suede 29 Red

- Leather Suede 35 Rhino 

- Leather Suede 44 Dark Grey

- Leather Suede 45 Snow

- Leather Suede 46 Mandarino 

- Leather Suede 60 Pistacchio 

- Leather Suede 66 smoke

- Leather Suede 79 Mustard

Cat. 38

- Naure 601 Light Taupe

- Nature 604 Oyster

- Nature 606 Grey

- Nature 607 Marble

- Nature 608 Dark Grey

- Naure 609 Tortora

- Arcobaleno 001 Bianco Ottico


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